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What We Hear From ClientsKO_orangecoat

Old Sow Coaching and Consulting asked recent clients two questions:

  • What does coaching do for you as a leader?
  • What were your experiences with this coach in terms of enhancing your effectiveness as a leader?

Old Sow Coaching and Consulting consistently gets extraordinary reviews…

Kirsten is, in short, extroardinary. She brings the acumen, analysis and tactical sense of a consultant; the inspiration and encouragement of a coach; the cultural sensitivity of a sociologist; the deep insight of a psychologist; and the wisdom and clarity of a guru. And all this with an attitude of such gentleness, respect and curiosity that working with her is a true delight.

— Daniel Jackson, Professor, Computer Science, MIT
MacVicar Teaching Fellow
Associate Director, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Leaders are so in the weeds that they don’t often have time to reflect on the practice of leadership, or even how they are doing emotionally or physically. Also, in the absence of having a supervisor or someone that can support you to work on your own goals, I think that personal development accountability isn’t there. Coaching is such a great way to make sure that happens. I also find myself saying WWKS? (what would Kirsten say) and having internal dialogue in my head. It’s really teaching a person to fish…

Principal, urban high school in Trenton, NJ

At the point when I started coaching I felt like I was being swallowed by a tornado. I was being swallowed by my personal and professional life. Coaching has helped me grow wings and fly out of the strong winds and ground myself. It helped me separate personal from professional and tackle both at the same time. Before the coaching I couldn’t find the balance between both lives, nor did I even know where to start.

Manager, Child development center of urban high school, Midwest

Coaching is an opportunity to have my strengths and weaknesses communicated to me by an unbiased advocate for me. The weekly preparation questions for our discussion and the opportunity to first reflect on those questions and then to share them for critical analysis/feedback was incredibly useful in achieving my goals. I found this experience extremely beneficial, helpful and rewarding. I am recommending it to my directs.

Executive Director, Network of urban schools, Northeast

Coaching is a focused and supportive way to gain insight into an issue, question, decision, or life direction. For me, coaching helped me affirm my strengths and inner wisdom, as well as shedding new light on long-standing patterns that may hold me back.

Senior Leader, International not-for-profit organization

A coach helps you recognize how you would like to grow in your life, because you love to do what you do. Sometimes you just need assistance recognizing in what ways you want to grow and how to work on some first downs in order to accomplish your touchdowns.

School Leader, California


About Old Sow Coaching’s Approach

Kirsten’s kindness, humor, and clarity during our phone conversations were phenomenal and always led me to feel well supported and held in the process. Completing follow-up assignments, led to insights that I know will stay with me.

Business Owner, West Coast

Kirsten helped me find my own way of doing things. She helped me recognize the ways I needed to find me time and my own way of doing things that worked for me, my own visuals, my own need for pausing, and then set goals around it. I now think differently when faced with something and ask myself, what would my coach suggest I do?

Principal, Northeast

The highlights of the coaching for me were watching me achieve my goals. Even if the goals were challenging, I love to know that I could tackle it and was recognized for my accomplishments. The positive feedback was really inspiring.

School Leader, Northeast

I felt I was being seen and heard by Kirsten on an extremely deep level.

Entrepreneur, West Coast