• Kirsten Olson Wounded By School
    Kirsten Olson discusses the state of schools and learning in America and the need for change.
  • 60 Seconds With Kirsten Olson
    Kirsten Olson tells about one special teacher who made a difference in her life.
  • One-Minute Mindfulness Strategy
    This quick, 30–60 second breathing strategy demonstrates an easy way to incorporate mindfulness and repose throughout a busy day.
  • Practices to Transform Your Leadership and School
    Join Kate Ebner for a conversation with Kirsten Olson about transforming your leadership and your organization.
  • School Leadership Briefing Interview
    Kirsten Olson explains the benefits of mindfulness practice for school leaders.
  • Issac Graves Interview
    Issac Graves poses questions about what community and education mean to Kirsten.
  • Steve Hargadon Interview
    Kirsten discusses her book Wounded by School.
  • Dare The School Interview
    Kirsten describes her views on education and discusses her work with IDEA.