What We Do

Consulting and Professional Development


Are students blamed for instructional failures in your school or district?
Do teachers find it difficult to cooperate effectively?
How are at-risk or disengaged learners spoken about?
Is your school a place you’d like to go to learn?



Old Sow Coaching and Consulting designs workshops, retreats, professional development experiences, consulting services and talks that strategically address client learning needs. We also work with business and not-for-profit leaders on issues of organizational culture, and creating dynamic learning environments.

We are interested in designing professional development experiences that strategically address district-identified needs, and the developmental cycle of its learners. During the 2010-2011 year, Old Sow Coaching and Consulting offered a variety of one, two-day and half-day professional development workshops for school leaders and whole school and district staff.


Kirsten’s presence at our school was a reinvigorating inspiration for all of us. Her exceedingly clear insights, paired with her eloquence and limitless lexicon to tackle the complexity and subtlety of the work illuminated what we were in the cusp of knowing as a faculty. Her ability to compassionately push us forward into the next level of work imparted direction, language, and visions for improving instruction at our school that were not only empowering, but broadly galvanizing and unifying. Her effect in working with each teacher and administrator individually was to create a community with a common vision and plan to achieve it. Above all, Kirsten gave us the tools to be confident that we could achieve these goals. A day when she was on site was a day you didn’t want to miss; it was an opportunity to be healed, inspired, and moved to be a better educator.

Elizabeth Castellan, Dean of Students, Uphams Corner Charter School (Boston, MA), July 2009