KO-BW-crazy-hairKirsten Olson is Chief Listening Officer at Old Sow Coaching and Consulting.

Kirsten works with leaders engaged in transformational change, sector-shift, and the new demands of leadership in the learning sector, nationally and internationally. She is a ICF-certified leadership coach and an adjunct instructor Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. She holds a doctorate from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where she focused on the systemic demands of large scale educational improvement, and is the author of The Mindful School Leader (Corwin, 2014), Wounded By School (Teachers College Press, 2009) and Schools As Colonizers (Verlag, 2008). Also a retreat leader focused on mindfulness for leaders, self-compassion and permissioning in leadership and social action, Kirsten was a founding board member of the Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA), a national not-for-profit organizing educational leaders, teachers, students, and parents around a vision for education founded in greater equity, social justice, compassion and passionate learning. Read More About Kirsten

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I had the incredible opportunity last month to receive the kind of feedback I encourage all of my coaching clients to obtain – through a 360.  It wasn’t my first 360 but it certainly got my attention in ways no other broad-based feedback has.  Maybe it’s because I just turned 65. Maybe it’s because I have a wonderful coach, Kirsten Olson, to help me process it all (coaches benefit from coaches too).

—Peter Cole, Cole Consulting