We are a group of collaborators and journeyers. We offer one-to-one leadership coaching, and also love working with leadership teams. We design professional learning experiences, and offer whole-hearted organizational consulting services that strategically address client learning and developmental needs. We also work with social justice and not-for-profit leaders on issues of organizational culture, and creating dynamic leadership environments. We want to talk personally about what you're interested in: what you want to achieve, the goals you wish to reach, what has meaning for you.


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  • Rethinking Every Assumption
    If you wanted to rethink every assumption about conventional high school–with multi-media technology at the center, combined with an intense conviction about adolescents’ desire to do meaningful and important work–what would it look like?  “This is the New York City iSchool, and we’re working on something completely new,” says Executive Director Alisa Berger. Back in 2008, the former chancellor of the NYC Schools wanted to create innovative high school models as a way of revisioning the conventional high school model: the one that was so wasteful and dysfunctional, and so poorly adapted to preparing students for the next piece of their lives. A long-time reformer, former Chancellor Joel Klein dreamed of a high school where “live teachers were assets to kids,” but one in which kids could “basically work on their own,” using a variety of web-based platforms to augment their learning experiences, freeing them up to move out into the world, to engage with each other, and to build learning experiences that had social meaning and real intellectual challenge. It became Alisa Berger and her co-director’s job–along with an intensely talented and opinionated staff–to create and build this vision.  Welcome to the New York City iSchool, now in its fourth year of operation in the SoHo section of New York City and currently one of the most in-demand and highly-desired high schools in the...
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New Book: The Mindful School Leader

For educational leaders who feel overwhelmed, stressed, and underappreciated, this book offers explicit practices to help readers avoid burnout and become the mindful, poised, effective leaders they were meant to be.

Book: Wounded By School

This controversial book says that the way we educate millions of American children alienates students from a fundamental pleasure in learning, and that pleasure in learning is essential to real engagement, creativity, intellectual entrepreneurship, and a well-lived life.

Book: Schools As Colonizers

Some of the most radical and free-thinking educational critics of the 20th century said that we go to school to “be instructed on our own inferiority.” Schools As Colonizers examines the problems of institutionalized education from the vantage of the 1960s and 70s most eloquent voices: John Holt, Ivan Illich, Paul Goodman, Jonathan Kozol, Herb Kohl and George Dennison.